автоматическая визуальная измерительная машина для измерения высоты без меток

интерфейс презентации измерений:

Профиль компании:

An electronic securities trading institution in New York, covering all high-tech industries, including software, computer, telecommunications, biotechnology, retail and wholesale trade, etc.

Analysis and resolution of testing requirements:
Measurement requirements: batch measurement of die casting mold aperture, position degree, distance, height, etc., tip height is required to be within 5 microns, weight up to 800kg

Solution: They has bought the standard Gantry model Auto Vision 432 before, recognizing of our image instrument ultra-high stability accuracy and flourishing service concept. According to the special measurement requirements, they customized development and production of non-standard high automatic image instrument Auto Touch 1653 (The effective stroke of X, Y and Z is 1600 x500 x 300 mm)

We use the “00” grade “JINANQING” marble base and pillar for bearing. Configure Renishaw probe module and dedicated software module. The tip height was controlled within 5 micron. The accuracy can reach or even overpass the requirement of the customer. Customers highly appraised and fully recognized Sinowon's R&D efficiency, production process, quality control and service concept. They hope us to develop more high-precision instruments to meet the needs of the semiconductor industry. Thanks for the praise and recognition!

описание машины:

It is mainly used for testing flatness, thickness, warping degree, coating thickness, roughness, perpendicularity, length, width, height, aperture, pitch, thread and so on of products such as plates, PCB and devices and etc.
(widely used in stamping, CNC, die casting, welding, forging, line cutting, and other processes of high precision measurement) Semiconductor industry, PCB industry, machining industry, MSA, GPS, SPC